I haven’t been aware of Seattle based artist and producer SYML before now. Dipping into his latest track “Wildfire” was somewhat of a revelation for me. In fact, being introduced to this song turned out to be a more pleasantly delightful discovery than I had imagined. Here is a producer who sits not behind a bank of electronic keyboards but at a piano instead. In the beginning, I was a tiny bit perplexed at how the artist/producer title would add up. As I leaned further in, intently listening to his emotive yearning voice. I realised that in seamlessly shifting from delicate piano-driven sections, blurring into catchy electronic soundscapes. Both SYML and Wrabel are singer-songwriter and production artists who work in a pretty similar style to one another.

It was the beautiful use of his falsetto voice which at first endeared me to “Wildfire“. Although it didn’t take any more than the following second or two to become completely absorbed into the soothing flow of the songs gentle, lush melody. Easy on the ear, the chilled beats make this a good playlist choice when seeking leisurely Sunday vibes. The song was written when the West coast of the US had been dealing with wildfires, resulting in havoc, destruction and loss. SYML utilizes this theme comparatively to express the trauma and drama which can also strike our everyday lives. A theme which is explored in the supporting music video.

I decided I really was in need of catching-up on SYML’s work to date. This is where I learned his break-out single “Where’s My Love” has earned a whopping 300 million combined streams online. Wow. While he is a new discovery to me, people really know this guy. And more to the point readily, appreciate his lyrically emotive songs. “Where’s My Love” went on to garner two big soundtrack placements, featuring prominently in the official trailer for the 2018 motion picture “Adrift” and on the popular drama TV show “Teen Wolf.”

In support of his self-titled debut album which releases May 3rd, SYML has announced an extensive UK and European tour. Kicking off in June 2019 running right through to the end of October. Culminating with a headline show at London’s Scala on October 29th. Tickets on sale March 29th through https://www.symlmusic.com

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