The last few months were truly exciting for moistbreezy, a talented internet pop artist based in NYC. She recently dropped her debut album, “Pure Imagination,” and it’s been gaining traction ever since. Proudly a DIY artist, she’s been making waves in the New York dance music scene and beyond for a while. I also noticed her effervescent dance-pop releases more and more lately, particularly since the pandemic tailed off and clubbing normalcy has returned.

I’m excited to finally write about this amazing artist who has just released her debut album, “Pure Imagination.” The timing couldn’t be more perfect as she has also dropped a mesmerizing video for her latest track, “Why Can’t It Be You.” I’ve been eagerly waiting for this album, and it’s safe to say that it has exceeded all of my expectations. The lyrics, the melody, and the overall vibe of the album are certainly, fantastic.

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I must say, every single track on it is a pure delight to listen to! The electro-pop beats are so catchy and upbeat, making it impossible to resist dancing along. Despite the upbeat music, the lyrics reveal a deeper meaning as they hint at someone dealing with internal struggles. One particular track that caught my attention was “Why Can’t It Be You.” moistbreezy’s powerful vocals convey a sense of yearning for a fantasy lover, while still trying to maintain a positive outlook and finding growth in her situation. It’s truly an empowering song that, nonetheless, will leave you feeling uplifted and hopeful.

Moistbreezy speaks about the concept album centred around limerence, a psychological phenomenon (the state of being obsessively infatuated with someone, usually accompanied by delusions of or a desire for an intense romantic relationship with that person) …

“working on this ambitious project proved to be my lifeline. Through the lowest lows, I discovered I have the power to pull myself back up again and create my own highs. I hope this project brings you a bit of light, or at the very least affirms that you are not alone in searching for love in a barren world”.

The track “Why Can’t It be You” has a Euro-pop vibe to it, which doesn’t leave much room for introspection. But that’s alright because a vibrant music video was made! Usually, hitting the dance floor is a good way to destress, but this time around, moistbreezy had a different idea. Being a club regular, she knew that the video had to stand out. And that’s when inspiration struck – while grabbing a bite at a pizza place (maybe), she thought of filming a DJ set there. Genius, right?

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