I LOVE this.

Not only is “Why Are You Leaving” by Colette Carr a modern hip pop triumph, it also teams up my favourite urban hip pop group Far East Movement with Colette by way of Kev Nish. I must say too, it’s a perfect pairing. Not only do they both flawlessly mesh together on vocals, but they make quite the cute couple as well – at least on camera.

There is something quite haunting about the piano intro too on this track, immediately it reminded me of old Heart power ballad tracks which again, I loved. Intentional? Don’t know, but it’s surefire brilliance.

All-in-all, it’s so great to see Colette Carr progressing as a musician through her Skitzo EPs. If you loved ‘Skitzo Part 1’ as much as do, you’ll love the fact that ‘Skitzo Part 2’ is out now too…it’s downloading now…

Skitszo, Pt. 2 - EP - Colette Carr