Oh cool, this is just the news I’ve really wanted to hear!, our man Example will imminently be launching his sixth studio album, so in readiness for this he’s plonked a new single out there amongst us called “Whisky Story”.

A further whoop goes up from me, as it’s a return to form for Example, well to be exact about this the version of Example which engages me the most and that in itself could mean a number of things to anyone aware of Example’s music as he’s always shifting the goalposts, like in everything he does and I guess that’s what pumps me most about him. So yeah Elliot is back in wordsmith mode with the rapping and I’ve my fingers x’d that the rest of the album’s going to follow suit.

The back story behind “Whisky Story”, is basically Example recalling the type of nights out he had before he settled down into the family orientated life he now leads, not that I suspect that he doesn’t cut loose in a while, but you know of his laddish if you like younger days. When it was all about chasing the day around until the sun came up probably and packing in the high velocity fun.

Basically for me this Version of Example has been missed, so I’m now going mad for this in a massively big way, as I simply loves EG’s quirky turn of phrase.

To my mind every summer needs a quite bonkers in a good way pop banger going off and “Whisky Story” certainly comes up to the grade in a brilliantly off its gate kind of power pop rap fashion.

What I also love about this particular release so much is that Example armed himself with a selfie-stick and DIY’d this video on the London Undergound tube system. Obviously there’s just the odd planted actory side-kick involved but other than that one suspects it could merely be the normal folk of Landun going about their daily commute. Ha I’m just hyped at the randomness.

I love randomness. I love edge. I’m now mad for this! Like right now CRAAAZZZZILLLLYYY mad for this actually!

Very well done there Example for upping the anté! I’ve felt that pop needed it and you’ve brought it!