Man – this new video that accompanies Swedish dub house duo Cazzette’s lead single for “Weapon” from Part II instalment of the freshly released “Eject EP” trilogy, is sure packing some hefty weight on it.


If you thought P!nk’s video for “Try” was more than a little sensational in it’s subject content, well the bird in this video is out to push it further. Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this babe!

As a duo Cazzette, Ash Pournouri and Alexander Björklund, have been bringing their brand of dubby house bangers to recognition for the last 18 months and each production that finds it’s way out just calls to arms a rush of new fans.

Not in any way diminishing upon how cool the duo are and neither at the expense of their excellent command of their dubby house fusion of music, this epic cinematic empowering story lined video is sure to prove a perfect media vehicle to obtain further notability for the band.