Florrie 7

After feeding us “Seashells” and “Free Falling”, two tracks off of the newly released “Sirens” EP. Pop chanteuse Florrie has most certainly left the best track reveal until last with the comfortably überly cool “Wanna Control Myself”.

Previously I did make my thoughts known concerning the weakness of lyrical content within the “Sirens” EP’s other two tracks, as it did leave one to envisage that the forthcoming album might be lacking in some substance. However, I hoped that we were merely in a warm-up stage and that the young songbird talent might have something crazily good up her sleeve to deliver and win me over all the more.

The moment has arrived for Florrie to walk tall in her bone fide pop star shoes as she turns into a vixen of dark pop delicious on the sublime nocturnal disco cut of 90’s instigated dance imagining “Wanna Control Myself”.

Personally I choose to erase the froth of the other two tracks that emerged on this EP, “Wanna Control Myself” plays out in a much bigger league of reverence.

Much like the video Florrie now delivers, it is stylish and sassy without being overtly dressed in sexual undertones and hopefully speaks volumes of what style of popstar Florrie is to become. Neither cute and fluffy nor glitzerly provocative but as one cool operator.