The quite beautifully lilting voice which I am about to introduce to you belongs to Sonia Stein, a new talent who is currently being developed by Jessie Ware, FKA Twigs producer Liam Howe.

As is suggestive when listening to this lead single “Waiting” from upcoming debut EP “Symbol” the collaboration appears very much as being a fortuitous partnership, as Sonia’s mellifiously strung vocals regally preside over a soundscape created out of sublimely woozy sonic direction.

Playing into the ever growing hybrid of R’n’B /pop orientation “Waiting” does impose as being radiantly arresting, warranting that we the listeners might best resign ourselves to loosing our sensory selves within it before we hit the especially spellbinding chorus.

As the accompanying photographically intensive visuals might prompt one to suggest could Sonia Stein be on her way to being extensively seen as a commanding new music talent currently in development? On the basis of this breathtakingly stunning track, I certainly wish it to be so.