demi_lovatoIt’s a great lesson to learn how to get back on your feet and let that person/bully know how you really feel. As you reach deep in to your soul, you reach for the confidence to face those naysayers. You will never be the victim in the end, you will rise above. Demi Lovato has taken a lot of hits in the media for various reasons, but has rebounded with great strength in her latest video off the album Confident, ‘Waitin’ For You’ Ft. Sirah.

Last weekend, I saw Demi perform on Saturday Night Live. I’ll admit, I didn’t like ‘Cool for the Summer’ like everyone else. Yet, when felt her raw vocal emotion as she performed ‘Stone Cold,’ I knew I had to give her music a second chance. That’s when the video for ‘Waitin’ For You’ appeared on my radar.

When I see a black and white video, a lot of emotions come to mind. Some videos can make that black and white feel become very romantic, such as the famous videos done by Herb Ritz. Others, you reach a sense of heartache and pain. ‘Waitin’ for You’ appears to be shot in an American high school football field; a place where many kids feel heavy pain from bullying and harassment. As she comes into frame she exposes her strength by confronting that tormentor:

Talkin’ ’bout my bad habits
Man, fuck my bad habits
Don’t act like you got none

Throughout the video you feel a sense of anger and confidence (not quite ironic that it’s her album name.) as she sings:

You should know that I won’t back down (I’ll be waitin’ for you)
Knuckles out
And the guard in my mouth

Just like a bareknuckle boxer she’s ready to face the world. For many, it’s hard to fight back as you don’t want to get hurt. Demi is clearly in this round becoming a great role model (many artists need to take note!) to tell the younger generation, she doesn’t take the punches. You shouldn’t either.

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