MarieMarie 2

Striking in her visual presence with a barnet as crazily coiffured as Alannah Currie of the Thompson Twins sported back in the early 80’s. Germany’s MarieMarie cuts an avant-garde note across her pop creations also.

I first became aware of her through a mashup and remix that Monarchy threw up on their Soundcloud a couple of months ago of her debut track “Under The Neon Sky”, hit the bookmark hoping something would be become of it & voilà whilst I’ve been on my summer break a visual has emerged online.

Under The Neon Sky” garners an undeniable feeling of feeding of the residual legacy of Germany’s most pioneering and globally successful electronic acts Kraftwerk and Propaganda, whereupon, MarieMarie launches into her own razor sharp mother sound of invention which proves sleekily contemporary and with a note of seductively heady magnetism, given through her dreamily beguiling expressive vocals.

To be honest you’ll probably not listen to another electronically steered cool composition as this, that’s prevalently styled with a flourish harp work (as MarieMarie is an accomplished harpist) until MarieMarie unleashes further tracks from her debut album “Dream Machine”.