After I was somewhat mildly traumatised by “Go Kindergarten”, like magic, in-less-than 24 hours, Robyn released her brand new video for a kinda old, but not really old track “U Should Know Better” that featured Snoop Dog. Well, let’s just say, sigh, the world is balanced again and you know what – I’ll take it.

In this amazing video sponsored by Adidas, which is pretty much a short film, the whole premise is about gender swapping where we see a young boy Robyn (real name Tyler) come to life (who totally steals the show BTW) and a female version of Snoop Dog who is so similar, you swear they could be brother and sister. Robyn herself even makes a cameo as the mother which is just adorbs to the max.

What makes this video even better is the behind-the-scenes movie which shows how the film was made and the casting process which is just nothing short of intriguing when you get to glimpse into Robyn’s life for just a few moments. Y’know, it’s been awhile since we heard new stuff from Robyn and we are all gagging for a new era in her career, but if anything, this little side-project with “U Should Know Better” really proves why I take her music so seriously.

She’s truly a one-of-a-kind artist.