King is a Danish breakout artist making waves in her native Denmark and on online music blogs. She has three singles under her belt since she first began putting them out via Soundcloud last year. And, although I have enjoyed these songs I felt she needed to give a little more of a character to her performance to earn my support. It comes back to this, my inbox, which becomes inundated with pretty pop songs by emerging female artists that all sound much alike, that their tunes merge into a blur of similarity.

On King’s new release “Only U“, I feel that the Dane is coming closer to what I’ve been craving to hear in her songs. This being, more than a catchy melody and real performance in her vocal which enable her to stand out just that bit more prouder. “Only U“, has this happening for me, it’s a radio-friendly track with a soaring vocal and a sexy video which shows enough potential to suggest she’d make a good pop star. The song starts off cute and charming and builds into a sassy chorus it reminds me of a tad of Robyn but, King has more of a delicate and vulnerable electro sound and provocative image.

As far as, I am concerned the track is compelling and worthy of excitement, purely because the vocal draws you in and sounds rather mega. I like the unpretentious dance-pop sound which equates femininity with vulnerability and power served up of a sensual sonic template because it raises the bar in all areas for King.

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