In 2017, London-based singer-songwriter Harry Strange was a newcomer on the music scene. Noticeably, despite breaking out, his lyrically authentic music endeavours made waves, not ripples. Similarly, Harry has become renowned for penning emotive and intimate works brimming with unfiltered storytelling. Harry uses music to speak on relatable topics, such as love and growing up. Above all, he sees through his artistic vision with a sensitive touch. This weekend I happened to stumble upon the latest video from him. I recognised this work “twenty seven twenty five” as deeply, personal and profound. And found the track also crucially important since it spotlights a queer relationship.

There are many forms of queer representation in music videos. Although much of what we see is heavily stylised and geared around presenting a particular image. Harry Strange does neither of these things. Instead, in direct alignment with his heartfelt music. His music videos are similarly honest and candidly document life stories in a realistic manner.

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In the instance of “twenty seven twenty five,” Harry basically shares a searingly honest look at the highs and lows of a relationship. It isn’t so much evident in his self-directed and edited video that this relationship has hit a rough spot. Since the imagery is moreover based upon reflecting back to the tender and joyous moments. A detailed account of the situation is found in the lyrics and where Harry sings…

“Wouldn’t share a thing even after the fall. Staring at the pictures that you left on my wall. I still let you go. Never, been so lonely, never been so low, calling out for someone just to call my own. I still let you go”.

Harry did not require a big budget to visually represent this song. Since the video he made is especially affecting. He achieved this with an honest, true-to-life portrayal of this relationship. I would love to see more gay artists share tender scenes in their music videos. Therefore I must say, newbies, please take note. Learn from Cub Sport and Harry Strange, as both share an authentic representation of queer love in their music videos. This is how to proceed in 2023.

twenty seven twenty five” features on the Harry Strange EP “What a God Damn Shame” check it out here

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