There is no stopping Frankmusik when he’s on a roll and let’s face it, if you’re a fan as much as we have always been in following all the social media updates, there is always word of new projects on the go.

It’s only been a matter of months really, since latest album “For You” arrived, but yet we learn again that Frankmusik is peddling through with news of new tunes incoming, in the coming months, going so much to notify his fans to expect a synthwave EP.

Before all of that happens though, there is unfinished business with “For You”, as the synth-pop wizz hasn’t spawned many releases out of it.

Prior to moving onwards, the track “Turnin’” is on the receiving end of a visual treatment which goes so far to enlighten us, that aside from being the electronic-keyboard maestro and artiste that we know, Vincent (Frankmusik) is punk pro at skateboarding. OK he stays on the damn thing and makes it look the easiest of things to do. For some of us it isn’t!

The whole promo clip consists of Vincent riding on his board seemingly from dusk to dawn. We don’t know where he’s heading off to and I get the feeling he’s just out there for wherever the road takes him.

In representation of the song it proves itself to be keying into the right mood beset by the melodically strong 80’s retro connected vibes.

A brilliant pick from the album actually, to me it all sounds like it’s an update on John Waite’s classic 80’s pop/rock hit “Missing You”.

Either way, I’m loving it large.