Fabrizio Ferrara

In introducing Fabrizio Ferrara, the perk up on our quota of unabashed electro pop commences.

Residing in Switzerland and of Italian decent Fabrizio comes to us having schooled himself into the music business through karaoke spots, talent shows, radio coverage and crowd funding campaigns.

The euro-popster now finds himself keyed in with the Crush Boys production team, the duo behind other EQ approved artists Kaden and Osvaldo Supino, that in itself should indicate upon the style of electro pop category of creditably that Fabrizio is moreover filed under.

The resulting collaboration is “Try Me On”, an emphatically magnetic, dancefloor energetic, grandiose euro pop, neonized toe-tapper.

Endowed with a provocatively saucy shapely of chorus that SIRPAUL would be equally up for bringing us. “Try Me On” is what it is, no more, no less – a full on and pleasantly giving electro pop song.