When I wrote “This Life” up as a track to listen to a few weeks ago, I was instantly drawing up comparisons like everyone else to Lana Del Rey, but since this had time to permeate and brew, I jump further back to the broody, blue and heavy hearted tunes that flood my mind by Chris Isaak.

Now I’m not signing up to the Chris Isaak fanclub here, but I know that Chris’s major hits “Blue Hotel” & “Wicked Game” piqued my interest at the time I snapped me up the “Twin Peaks Soundtrack” and that it all came to gel in an esoteric and mystical form.

What’s this got to do with Josef Salvat?  well, up as a new artist, who would you fix him up to go out on the road with? When Lana doesn’t always seem at ease on the live circuit, where else do you look for an audience to integrate?  It seems to me, that perhaps the more discerning, slick and yesteryear retro types, with an ear for pop that’s all shook up, re-animated of sound and smashing of genre typecasting would be a compliant suitor.  So who’s current and doing all of that right now?  All pointing to the direction of Willy Moon isn’t it! and that’s all kinds of good because it’s a happening thing. Josef will join Willy on the Brighton leg of his tour before he stops off to play London.

26th March- The Haunt – Brighton

27th March – The Waiting Rooms – London

Talking of life on the road, this is where Josef takes the video for “This Life” on a nostalgic fuelled road trip down memory lane, let’s take a passenger seat beside him take in the beautiful scenery and that absorb in that glorious soothing and intoxicating tune.

[youtube height=”360″ width=”640″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxW6qH5gOR4[/youtube]