Seeing as La Roux is back in vogue again we’d like to make this statement: La Roux’s quiff has got nothing on Eva Simons bough of auburn hair FACT!

We have had cause to examine both lady types do’s by witness of previous campaigns:-

La Roux meets celebrity blogger Will Wong

Eva Simons featuring with The Young Professionals on “Let’s Do It Right”

Another FACT!

The most affirmative new evidence of the reigning stature of Eva’s lady quiff comes in the current video of the international collaborative effort between Australia’s mega DJ act the Stafford Brothers, Dutch toplining pop diva Eva Simons and the American rapper T.I.

Even more pop FACTS!

EDM act the Stafford Brothers debut release “Hello” featuring Lil Wayne and Christina Milian, was so well received that it rapidly hit double platinum in their homeland.

As Hip-hop centric label Cash Money Records first ever EDM signee’s the Stafford Brothers have worked up a treat some more with Eva and T.I. on board for sophomore release “This Girl”.


Actually, today I was thinking to write about the new Calvin Harris and John Newman video for “Blame” but since both tracks contain big and bouncy EDM beats and towering pop impressive vox and having viewed and assessed John’s quiff effort which pales into insignificance to either La Roux’s or Eva’s, I decided that hair wins the day!

So I present to you now the Stafford Brothers, Eva and T.I.’s video for “This Girl”, featuring impressively BIG hair and bod fancy dressed up as a kangaroo mascot.