We have always looked upon the works of Frankmusik favourably here on EQ Music, quite justly because Vincent never fails in his artist approach. We know through social media engagement that every Frankmusik creation is seen right through with the upmost degrees of sincerity and connection whilst, at all times moving forward with the level creative workmanship output.

I am firmly of the belief that any musician or ordinary average person for that matter, who is seeing themselves going through a period of uncertainty should take a little of Frankmusik’s inspirational spirit on board to remind one’s self that all is achievable if you are so desiring to see your dreams through.

In the case of Frankmusik, that it comes through learned of life experiences and translated through artistic growth seen in the most recent compositions, speaks empowering volumes in itself.

Ascend, crash and burn then rise like a phoenix, this is how I’ve seen the Frankmusik music career has been etched in pop history thus far.

It is this spirit of staying true to what you believe in which clearly rings through on newly arrived single “This”, better explained as meaning “the hope I see” on twitter and which serves as introduction to the upcoming album “Not Right Now” .

Listen in on the introspective narrative especially as I feel it is representative in being earnestly truthful in its sentiment whilst, the accompanying panoramic cantered visual is embodied of representing celebrating freedom through an unguarded exterior that is embracing of openness.

Candid works like this from Frankmusik really do put him on the map of all encompassed musicianship.