One of the new duos that I’m most excited about RIGHT MOW is the pairing of Jennifer “just a little crush” Paige and Coury Palermo aka Paige & Palermo.

Last month we debuted their song “Belong” and so far it’s been met with adorning comments from EQ readers worldwide and we couldn’t be anymore excited for how well-received the music has been. We’ve downloaded their new EP “STAY” and within it’s glorious and luscious soundscape, these set of songs really define what “really good music” is in today’s throw away pop music culture.

To get a better feel of what’s going on here and why you shouldn’t be ignoring the magnificant sounds of Paige & Palermo, check out the EPK below and make sure to download the “Stay” EP right now. I listen to it about five times a day. For real.