Let’s have a KiKi EQ’s!

All too sadly this isn’t a statement that we have uttered in some time!

We do so, because the Kylie, Jake Shears and Nile Rodgers assisted “The Other Boys” single by DJ sisters Nervo that first came to light 3 months ago has landed on planet pop now illuminated by a party centrified video.

Basically the gals have sent this video out now as they’ve tied up a remix package upon it.

Let’s be honest the only way to go on this high octane disco diddy was PARTY.

To this end Kylie, Jake, Liv and Mim flaunt their slinky moves freestyle. Nile of course, can’t resist getting his hands rapped around his bad boy ….. guitar!

If anything after hearing this sassy dancefloor exciter some more, it only solidifies how much we miss listening to and seeing Jake bring colour to the pop universe STAT!

For now, we’ll take what we have on offer and party up with the disco Mr on an impromptu free-for-all boogie night.