Young Empires

Toronto’s Young Empires further lead us into the depths of dark envisaged stadium rousing pop as first brought to our attention earlier this year by way of their air punching, electro-rock erupting anthem “The Gates”.

The trio have now backed up the release with a visual of equally cinematic stature. So as to keep it within our minds eye in the height of festival season and also acting to reinforce that the debut album of the same name is scheduled to drop in the UK in October.

The strikingly impacting album title track is lavished with strongly leading juxtapositions of religious symbolism bringing centre stage with it, the sense of seeking out a higher form of spiritual enlightenment and guidance.

These visuals firmly add fuel to the age old question is there anybody out there! Super-beings? Super-forces? Faith as an eco-system of universal understanding and spiritual filled purpose is brought right into perspective with imagery sought existentially of the co-existing natural world around us.

Proving to be much more than that intrinsic power fueled anthem that grabbed our attention on first listen isn’t it!