Sock it us like your tough and grab our attention with your mega pop powerful ways.

That’s the way of L.A musician Kelsi Luck who backcombs her retro chic clique of back to the sound of the future soda pop into her crunchy debut “That’s What I Like”.

Anyone happen to remember New Wave eccentrics Lene Lovich or The Flying Lizards?  Well Kelsi’s channelled into their quirky throwback spikiness to which she’s added a few Toni Basil pom poms, handclaps, thigh-slaps and hi-fives her glitchy indie pop hybrid into the year 2000’s with somewhat of a Martina Dragonette frenetic exuberance.

This is damn infectiously cool as a doodie and sure is twanging my wires! I promise you, you’ll sure have to summon up as much willpower as you can muster or either bury your head in a bucket to resist this suprize popping earworm from imprinting it’s outlandishly quirky beat and Ooo La’s, La’s subliminally into your daily life routine.

Nothing like a strangely irregular video choice to build on the curiosity though and Kelsi’s cinemagraphed showreel on “That’s What I Like” is both a little idiosyncratic and likeably bizarre in a David Lynch like plot line.

I like, no, no, scrub that. I ADORE this, this is what I like!