When the 2015 BBC Sound of tastemaker poll spoke out with it’s industry tips and placings at the beginning of the year there was some strong presence centered upon spoken word / wordsmiths and rap artists with the leading nods of recognition pointing towards up-and-coming acts, The Novelist, George The Poet and Stormzy making the through to the upper reaches of the process.

It might be the case that all the above artists have come out of the immediate spotlight thereafter with a definite raise in profile awareness. I can’t massively comment that rap has played a so much bigger part in the overall light of day actuality of the following on circumstance of it all, as the dominance we have witnessed carried over into mainstream by the polls out right winners Years & Years, though.

If you shoot back a few years’ acts like Tinie Tempah, Professor Green and Example were way up on the radar and owing to the shift in music dynamic over the last couple of years, really haven’t made pop a place where these artists have pushed forward with the same level of recognition that formerly made their names known. Although, Example has since struck back with the outright fabulous “Whisky Story”.

If we might begin to hedge a bet or two on who might next be in line to bring this genre up to speed in the newness sense of purpose, likeliest Essex raised wordsmith Nick Brewer would be candidate with the most promising outlook of potential to look too.

Nick’s latest effort “Talk To Me” see’s him paired with highly regarded emerging singer / songwriter talent Bibi Bourelly, the up-and-coming artist responsible for the lyrics to RiRi’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”.

In collaboration with BrewerTalk To Me” is far removed from being of anything similar to the hardline ratchet tendancy of Bibi’s contribution with Rihanna, if anything in coming together on “Talk To Me” with Nick, we get to see a little of just who Bibi Bourelly really is as an artist too.

The two up-and-coming talents together bring their word-flow to the fore and seek some familiar ground on Brewer’s debut single by facilitating placement of embedding a sample of Crystal Waters “Gypsy Woman” (She’s Homeless) into the melody action.

For everyone who could scoff that Nick and Bibi are trading too heavily on an iconic dance track sample there is an instancy of curiosity here also which, in turn gives off a glowing rapport that these two artists definitely have vocal tonality matched with the flow to go with it. Thus, enabling both artists to stand alone in coming through with more than a potential shot of going forwards in shaping the face of new music into the next year and beyond.

To Nick and Bibi right now it’s all about taking a ride and jamming out. This they also do very well together! Don’t be too surprised to hear much more of these two artists individually. Ya hear!