Let’s face it, a world without one of Mika’s larger than life pop videos in it, is definitely one which is lacking on some kinda fun.

Commendably also Mika always dives right into the spirit heart of all that he creates. In terms of the visual element, more exact in reference to the wacky video content that lends itself to skittering new single “Talk You About” there’s probably nobody else out there who could carry off wearing one of Mika’s bespoke zany suits anyways.

So in dropping a mega kaleidoscopic cut of Mika magical melody the eccentrically lovable popstar appears to have fitted out the video with all the cut-outs and backdrops that he happened to set eyes upon when stepping into a visual art prop store.

Ah but Mika has the presence to make us believe that every day is indeed like this in Mika world!

Lucky for us more sunny side up Mika pop will be winging its way to us soon enough in the form of upcoming album “No Place In Heaven” which is slated to be like no other album out there.

In terms of normality, would a man wearing a loud suit jacket spin us an over strung line when pitching his new album to us? when it comes to outlandish pop overlord Mika we see him true to his word.

Pre-order the album “No Place In Heaven” and instantly receive “Talk About You” and “Last Party