The ominous beginings of this new track from rising dance band Years & Years really hangs the listener in suspense as to its overall magnetic allure.

Half a minute in however, seals the fate of “Take Shelter” as a polished dance track and an innovatively positioned one at that.

Years & Years placement of tropical dance beats nestled a crest, a bed of sub-bass underpinning is a simply divine combination, only more so in might when the soul expressed vocals of front man Olly Alexander trips out into the swaggered patter of hip gyrating rhythms that flow so readily, as if one was directly under a waterfall consisting of coconut water.

There seems to be a little bit in almost every new and emerging production outfit out there at the moment that appear to be doggedly aiming to emulate upon the success of the brothers Lawrence of Disclosure.

Years & Years have already been there with previous single “Real” which engaged the talent of Disclosure championed London producer Lxury.

Take Shelter” though is a step removed from this adopted pattern amongst current production acts, establishing a rhythm making flow and pop suited sensibilities that are not only good to start with but hold further potential to expand beyond club suited arenas.

And anyway if three prospering new musicians go down to the woods today they’re sure to stumble upon a hippie figure cloaked in a shaggy coat, expressing ritualistic moves as a way of charming these young finds under a hypnotic pretence and all done in the guise of the Australian actress Emily Browning.