Etched on our wish list a short time ago, is a note that reads “our wishful thinking is that Man Meadow might go shirtless” (it came in reference to their forthcoming video of course!)

Whilst, you know that it’s not normally like us to be so superficial, but also given that Fredrik and Niklas of Swedish dance pop duo Man Meadow have lead us down this route before in their videos, we could only anticipate that we’d be in for more of the same.

We could call it out as somewhat predictable, or we all (EQ readers included) could just sit back and shamelessly enjoy viewing a gathering of Swedish semi-nekkid hunky bods being doused together under a communal shower, all soundtracked by a bouncy euro poptastic foamy lather of Hi-NRG EDM (and quite honestly what else where these boys going to present by way of illustrating upon the lyrics and title of a track called “Take It Off” anyway!)

Lately I’ve been of the opinion that recent pop video releases in general have taken a turn in being quite boring actually, strangely I’m not of that opinion in the present with this testosterone fuelled euro-popping 3 1/2 minute shower room, splash dance!