Cash Cash 3

If I was wanting to be warming up a party, I’d likely as not reach out for a Cash Cash track as choice to burn the wax on, as the trio’s high velocity EDM anthems are pretty much the absolute business in raising the rafters with their vibrant big beats and all encompassed dancefloor character.

Surrender” the latest Julia Michaels vocally assisted new single continues on with Cash Cash’s imprinted signature sound with aplomb.

Not to be outdone in fierceness the newly released video transports us viewers to a country mansion, where there’s some evening entertainment laid on in the guise of risqué party. Suffice to say there is a game of spin the bottle on the go, and we all know where that leads more often than not, the letting go of inhibitions, the dis-guarding of clothing, a jar or two of champers too many and getting a bit too friendly with our friends.

All turned in visually, in the best #NSFW taste by Cash Cash and if you want in on some of the party action for yourselves, shoot over to the Cash Cash website, rock your boots and go interactive with it.