For those who didn’t watch the OC, Summer Roberts was an untouchable; an object of lust to the male population of Harbor High School. A story that many of us could relate to, were we can only view from afar and daydream of what a date with that untouchable person would be like. LA based Blake Adam takes a look at what would happen if he had a chance trade places with Seth Cohen (Summer’s romantic interest) in his ode to the character “Summer Roberts.”

Opening up with a very gentle piano based synth, you’re taken pool side, under the shade of lush palm trees where Blake Adam sits entranced by the body of his Summer Roberts. The soft synth and drums don’t add that sappy love song feel but helps immerse you further into the lyrics; both adding this happy, life is perfect emotion. Throughout you get the true Southern California feel as Blake sings of being kissed gently like the sun kisses his skin the daylight. It’s as you can feel the sun starting to grace your own skin; then it is shown to you what it’s like to be Seth Cohen as things get a little steamy in the pool.

It might be safe to say that Blake is reminding us that Summer isn’t quite over in the Northern Hemisphere and Blake Adam isn’t quite over Summer.

If you like what you’ve heard, the song “Summer Roberts” is being offered up for the fabulous price of FREE on Soundcloud!