Madeline Juno

Photo: Philipp Gladsome

When it comes to fully fledged pop, Germany probably doesn’t figure much in my initial thinking of being ever so rich in giving out the realness. Electronic music a resounding yes would have been my answer, but pop on its own merit…. I’m hard pushed to recall anything other than Nena’s “99 Red Balloons” and Deutschland’s most recent Eurovision win with Lena’s “Satellite” if completely honest.

However, I’ll take pop from anyway that finds its way to me, if it lives up to its brief!

During the unfolding events of finding Madeline Juno’s press release nestling in my inbox and getting my first play in, a cloud of suspicion was dispersed all within the time a few bars played out of her self-penned, Markus Brosch and Michael Hunter Ochs collaborative effort “Stupid Girl”.

Shoot me down in excitement, I wasn’t expecting anything quite as pop dealt as this at all!

It’s quite probable that “Stupid Girl” stands alone though in its boptastic standard, since after looking into other examples of Juno’s material, these tend to go against the poptacular vibe with which “Stupid Girl” openly enters into.

As a window into the development of one of Germany’s emerging pop acts though, this track gives Madeline some serious cause for broadened audience recognition. Not only for her relatable teenage life-living lyrics and visual content but by the way she carries the whole shebang off to her greatest asset, of providing one hella chorus with an unshakable lyrical hook that is sure to earvurm its way into your mindset all within a quick millisecond. Leaving both you and I bouncing off the walls with its unabashed pure pop dizzying realness.

Das ist wunderbar!