Charles Perry

First up, I really like the strong spiritual ethic of this song “Stranger To Love” from Brooklyn soul singer Charles Perry. As from what is essentially a life affirming embraced narrative, drawing upon the theme of approaching life through a restrained and cautious manner, and how this can sometimes leave us to completely miss out on throwing caution to the wind and fortuitously grasp at opportunities that ultimately might pass us by. To me, it’s just such a motivationally inspirational guide to live by.

Charles Perry though, makes “Stranger To Love” a whole lot more than this! To begin with the track concentrates upon lulling us into its core of pleasantly looping guitar spangled acoustic folk-pop. Which believe me is thigh slappingly good stuff in itself. Infact, in thinking on this whilst I’ve begun this review, if I liken “Stranger To Love” to anything or anyone, or any band, given its jangly appeal I’d plump towards Autoheart.

Stranger to Love” has even more aces up its sleeve though, as out of nowhere it totally zones out into an hybrid of a full hitting EDM drop, before returning to its acoustic patter. It’s a wake-up call and a half, it echoes the theme of the song I guess, but mores to the point it bloody works fabulously in the context and juxtaposition of everything going on here.

Now in a first, I haven’t so much as raised my head to see what goes on in this video, until now that is, as I have been totally wrapped in the melody and Charles’s raspy soul giving vox which is really quite something extraordinary and at times undefinably unique to the point of, all consuming love of it on my part.

Ok I’m not even going to talk about the video, as essentially its life stories playing out. As “Stranger To Love” is just glorious by my reckoning, one of this year’s best pop effort DEFINITE and quite different!

If you haven’t quite got it yet, I am SERIOUSLY LOVING this! What a guy. What a voice. WHAT A SONG!