WHOA! This is kind of an altogether different statement piece of pop involvement from the heeled dance-pop troupe Kazaky.

If anything what I have now gained in knowledge from watching the video sent over to me, is that music acts from the Ukraine are certainly image aware and I must admit fellow Ukrainian act The Hardkiss with whom Kazaky have now collaborated, well I felt a certain amount of my stomach recoiling in intimidation especially at clocking the presence of the screamo masked one on this given press photo.

The mix of curiosity and Kazaky have lured me in, on what otherwise might have been taken on face value from the growing pile of press releases looking up at me in my inbox.

Kiev based The Hardkiss brand themselves as progressive pop but yeah just take one look at them, we know pop with a harder edge = rock in our eyes. At least on “Strange Moves” the track they are releasing as their UK debut can be flagged up as electro-rock owing to the favoured use of synths on this one.

Cleverly beneficial on The Hardkiss’s part to then reach out and join forces with the Ukraine’s most globally leading pop act, especially when they are renowned in equal measure for their footwork fierceness as much as their stylising of pop content.

The track has a certain bite to it, but I must concede it’s more the video that which has gotten me onside a little and thus bringing attention of this on EQ, coupled with the fact I’m really quite intrigued how this might be received by the UK market, which continues to be so currently embracing of dance-cross over hits.