Watch “Spun” by Ängie

How to even begin with introducing Ängie, one of the most sensationally provocative emerging artists who has been heating up tastemakers radars to red alert warning levels! You see everything we are led to believe with the Swedish singer, flaunts unscrupulous behaviour. The lyrics throughout all of her material are best left described as being colourful. And that’s putting it out there very politely.

Ängie has set her bar at being controversial and at this she is excelling quite well at. Cutting to the chase Ängie’s choice of explicit lyrics which mainly concern getting high on drugs and sexual activity are to say the least expertly crafted in her own blend of unique in-your-face naughtiness.

My first impressions of Ängie were, that she seemed a whole lot of whack like Brooke Candy mostly is. Out to shock at all costs. Too outwardly sleazy. A few singles in now and Ängie is well into her stride. I get that she’s set her sights on being a sinner and not a saint. I’m not so unaware of what she’s about anymore and to be honest with her latest offering “Spun” it passes off as a tasty piece of pop and not unlike the level of suggestively risqué content that, say Tove Lo would not hesitate in batting an eye lid in giving us.

Spun” is a kind of grimey, club anthem which is decked up in major pop sensibilities. Although, I’m not condoning that drug use is the way to seek your happy, I am rather taken with this track, owing to its overall sparky musicality.

The video is the ying and yang versions of Ängie, of how she can be very sweet looking as butter wouldn’t melt and how when she parties, she parties to the fullest. To some degree there’s a bit of that in all of us I’d say, so I’ll continue to enjoy this song on the merits that it’s just hella groovy.