Neon Hitch

As we’ve come to learn creative innovator and full time pop gypsy Neon Hitch took back control of her music career some time ago now and as we have already mentioned previously, saw the best route through to releasing new music as being directly through the engagement of her #WeRNeon fanbase.

For one so creative this must have been a frustrating period for the singer as the steps in realising the release of the “Eleutheromaniac” debut album has been anything but an easy ride to get to the point we are now which comes in the release of “Eleutheromaniac’s” first official single “Sparks”.

The video has been in the vault for a while, that it sees the light of day with us now, is again due to Neon’s dedicated fans, who helped Neon to reclaim the promo from The Paradise Production Collective when a dispute between the parties looked unlikely to be resolved.

Now “Sparks” is here, it is a very telling autobiography which candidly captures the rollercoaster journey of Neon Hitch’s creative free-spirit in essence, through visual themes indicative of the fight back against constraint’s enforced when becoming involved with major backers whilst, thus in turn being seen as a product of the corporate machine. To ultimately regaining her artistic integrity as a non-conformist and pop maverick who is spurned on by the life lessons of staying true to her authencity above all else.

Neon especially raised the bar on this one to give back something amazing to her loyal supporters and I’d go so far as saying it’s her best work to date. To think it almost was in danger of being shelved, is such a pop crime of gutting proportions it doesn’t bear to dwell on it.

A win for Neon Hitch. A Win for #WeRNeon fan power. A win for a phenomenal pop song!