It has come as quite a revelation to me to find out Mia Martina is a Canadian and not a red hot latin lovely as I had always assumed. Nonetheless, red hot still comes into play when speaking of Mia, being that the pop siren isn’t so shy in bringing her curves out in her music videos.

The dance-pop sensation hasn’t put a note wrong when it falls to a six year run of searing, club friendly releases and continues to secure key accolades for her catchy dance-pop tunes which come spliced with euro beats and cultured with exuberant Hispanic stylizing.

Remaining a fiercely independent artist, Mia sticks with what she knows works best. In the latest single “Sooner or Later” with rapper Kent Jones, it’s a balance of urban swagger and Mia’s sultry vocals mixed with dance pumped beats.

Don’t pack the video off as merely seeing Mia getting touchy, feely with herself when the clip is referencing the unrequited love theme in the lyrics, as Mia states “You know there is always that one person. But it’s just never the right time and when you finally stop thinking about them. They magically just pop out again.”

Sounds like a summer romance, well we’re up for some schmoozing of our own with this sure-fire, hot tune from Mia Martina.

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