Secret Weapons 1

We love this track by Brooklyn duo Secret Weapons so much, that we can’t help ourselves from blogging the life out of it!

No really, really it is true! Can you hardly blame us when it is so, bum off your seat, super catchily rousing?!

Hey a while back, we caught them at CMJ too and whoa they impressed the hella out of us! Not only us it seems, as Gerry Lange’s and Danny Rocco’s incendiary synth pop debut, has worked its magic in inking a deal with Epic Records.

Epic by name and EPIC by the very nature of “Something New. Let’s just say this and be done with it. As some might say, Danny Rocco was definitely very astute in finding a work placement in the legal department at Epic as his prior day job. The scenario goes, he didn’t let on about the band to anyone there until they signed and then he promptly dropped off his resignation. Wowzers pretty much on par of winning the lotto that!

Much reflective of the song itself, which screams of going out on a limb and taking a chance. Bringing this to visual life was always going to have to prove itself a match for the dynamic rated live performance’s we’ve heard so much about.

Totally Secret Weapons deliver in all accounts, as they now roll out the high energy packed video. To some extent it depicts the true to life story of Secret Weapons lucky break but through a rather nimbly agile office worker, who totally had some power juice poured over his cereal to give him so much energy that he can literally bounce off walls and scale buildings like he’s the brother of Spiderman.

To be honest I’m a touch exhausted by just watching this, and since I wasn’t the lucky EQ that got to witness them beasting it at CMJ, just hope you don’t have to pass a fitness exam to make it through a full Secret Weapons show, otherwise I’d be done for!

It’s undeniably a complete bundle of fun from beginning to end. And seriously now, I cannot imagine how anyone could walk away after listening to this without a definite spring in their step.