It’s once, twice, three times a hit for Betty Who when all concerns her single “Somebody Loves You”. Being as this track has played a part in the initial online buzz, firstly as a taster and was served with an accompanying mini budget video, the track went on to take one giant leap forward when it was used in the assistance of a marriage proposal which when given Youtube exposure sent the song viral.

Since Betty Who became inked with RCA let’s say the shizz has been really coming together, she’s been polishing her act up and has metamorphosized her pop star image to that of a retro-vintage blonde bombshell. All whilst, working the stage and getting the gigs in & the relevant EP’s out there across international waters – the recent UK release being the “Worlds Apart” EP.

It’s all shifting up a gear now as the debut album “Take Me When You Go” which is first to be released in the US looks set to follow suit in the UK pretty soon afterwards.

The point is “Somebody Loves You” holds a special place in Betty Who’s heart being that it’s played the part as the catalyst for her success in so many ways, so as she’s undergone a metamophosis she’s chosen to re-do the video too.

Here we see before us Betty Who the babe, starring in a visual that has more 80’s rainbow colour in it than a river of skittles. It’s also more in-keeping with the uplifting nature of the song and is so much more becoming of a rising pop star transformed.

Now I’m well jel of Betty Who’s Alannah Currie frothy cum La Roux edgy fringe by the way!