The 1975

The 1975 finally came through and honoured the pleas of myself and 1000’s of fans who’ve called out for the band to release “Somebody Else” as a single.

Credit where credits due, Matty Healy and co really stumped up on the diversified stylizing and cohesiveness of flawlessy executed sophomore album “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It”.

That they came out with something, so masterful wasn’t anything which I was expecting to be honest. It’s so fluid and yet oozing with creative invention that it has quite taken the band into the league of longevity. “ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI” is that stroke of genius. YES!

From the flamboyant countdown singles through to snatching a first listen of the album, it really etched the feelings in me of discovery through creative invention at play. It was certainly the way to go for a cult-status band to slip the tag and become one of the biggest pop forces to be reckoned with, comparably echoing the international success achievements of Bastille.

More than anything “Somebody Else” was the track that stood out a clear country mile for me. It would never have occurred to me to dare think that The 1975 could deliver something so emotively passion led as “Somebody Else” is.

More than answering my prayers, they’ve topped the count on this one by going in for an epic video presentation (It plays for a whole 8 minutes long!). With Matty putting his hereditary acting skills into practice to portray what it’s like to free yourself from the void of painful emotional despair that sneaks up and envelopes you, when the ex you haven’t gotten over has moved on and you just cannot console yourself out of that psychological headspace to do the same.

Matty excels in depicting varying stages of heartbreak taking effect, to the point where loving yourself is the ultimate end point of seeing yourself back on track. Only Matty would see it through in the most explicitly graphic way and make it wholly plausible in context to do so.

Somebody Else” is by far the best track, musically, lyrically and visually that they have entered into, and I cannot be anything but hopelessly in pop love with it.