Lauren Aquilina 4

Am I going to forego reviewing a beautiful voice, even though it doesn’t really fully sit in the pop sphere as such? Well no! sometimes you’ve got to go with your instinct that something is good, moreover what category its seemingly allotted, and this is one of those occurrences.

When you first hear songbird Lauren Aquilina sing, the foremost thought that instantaneously springs to mind is that Lauren is a breathtakingly good vocalist.

There is such a mature balance of quality and command in her performance for an 18 year old that really measure Lauren as one of the most endearing emerging artists currently breaking ground.

It is a joy to be guided by her voice in compliment to the sonic ambience of twinkling piano melodies, layered with haunting sonic undertones. The outcome makes for an instillingly captivating insight on this artist, which is brought to light through the introduction of the forthcoming title track from sophomore EP “Sinners”.

I live for moments like this actually, just for an ethereally dewy voice taking centre-stage.

Whilst I continue to strive to engage with the likes of Florence and The Machine, who is a touch too pitchy for my taste, young Lauren Aquilina is offering a blissfully exquisite alternative through the touchingly driven, dramatically orchestrated power-ballad “Sinners”.