Photo: Ben Watts

For as many people that applauded Ed Sheeran for his debut into pop with his folky-beatboxing-rap stylings there are as many that labelled the flame haired singer / songwriter as delivering beige pop.

Right about now is the time to quosh the naysayers, as Ed prepares to launch his sophomore album “X” the highly anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed “+”.

I will confess as far back as 2010 was when I first heard Ed perform at my local big summer music festival, which always has been a got-to event for myself, seeing as opportunities for large scale concerts had been on the slow-side to take grasp on the little plot where I live in East Anglia (Thankfully these type of events are now growing in momentum).

A certain amount of pride bristles from myself for our local popstar, which is locally felt, as in recognising his achievements Ed now has a stage named after him at that very same annual music festival and that’s a big deal where I’m from!

To be honest there are just too many good egg stories to share about Ed Sheeran and what he has been giving back to my local community since he hit the big time, that I couldn’t possibly touch the surface upon it, yet it endears and music aside the boy is just instantly likeable.

Ok so that’s my pitch for championing Ed Sheeran, let’s go in on the new single, as I consider “Sing” the one that’s going to make the dismissive’s think again!

Practically anything that Pharrell is involved with at the present is deemed hotter than hot, and guess what…….. Pharrell is in on this one as a collaborator, so by default it’s already amazing.

Ed’s vocals appear to have gone up a notch raised in much more of a falsetto range and “Sing” is evermore the buzzy and upbeat for it. Also, surely I’m not the only one who is thinking “hammer time” when reaching that ooh whoa segment of the chorus.

I wouldn’t bullshit on you. This song IS cool! Right down to the wayward alter-ego puppet involved video.

This has quite restored my faith in all things pop orientated on this slow-burning week.