Jennifer Davies

Alternative pop artist Jennifer Davies, keeps true to her word with the continuing run of visuals that have been made to coincide with the debut taster EP “Lapse Of Time”.

The pop kitten has already furnished video clips on previous prestige alt-pop tracks in this series, “Lapse Of Time” and “Choke” and the next one up to receive some visualization is one of it’s more synth orientated numbers “Silhouette”.

We’re glad to see that Jenn is back inside from the remote and chillingly breezy location choice that was chosen for the “Choke” video. As the “Silhouette” visual is quite self-explanatory in itself, i.e. plainly put, it’s all about making shapes.

To be clearer still, choreographed contemporary dance type shapes.

Geddit now, Jenn’s the “Silhouette”!

It can’t surely be that you haven’t already seized upon the chance to own this EP sized bucket of gleaming alt-pop for yourselves yet, as we’ve mentioned it twice before!! – but if we’ve some of you in late to the party as it were, your lucks not run out, all you gotta do for these goodies is pay the lovely Jennifer’s website a visit.

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