Photo By: Shervin Lainez

When you feel lost there is almost always a way out. When you’re lost learning, you can always ask a teacher for help. When you’re lost in a car, we have global positioning technology or a map to find your way back. Then, there is the darkness of your own mind. It could be the most difficult place to escape. You can find a way out though, you just have to find someone to show you the way. Penguin Prison takes a look at what it’s like to be lost in his latest video single Show Me The Way.

As Chris Glover (aka Penguin Prison) takes us through the familiar territory of his own New York landscape, he appears to not be able to truly find his way out. He is alone. As he walks through the rugged territory his silhouette begins to distort looking like a sense of confusion of where he is. He may have walked it a thousand times but for some reason it’s not coming to him. The video begins to take a literal turn into expressing the lyrics visually. As the song says: Show me the way; Just don’t sit and wait or it’s never gonna end. It’s like he’s asking for help to find a way out of the difficult situation he lies in.

The video is very simplistic in its design. Sometimes it takes simple to get the real message across and allow the true talent to shine. In this instance, Penguin Prison has unmasked what it is like to be in stuck in the depths of your own mind. Using something as simple as getting lost inside a familiar space, he has perfectly shown those who may never understand what it’s like.

Let me show you the way to the video below!