Years and Years

As time has played out and with the evidence in, when serving a new pop spangly promo video to go alongside their everywhere resplendent house melodic cross-over mainstream accented pop, the common denominators of a Years & Years video by and largely centre around the tastemakers tipsters in some club situation or otherwise bending some shapes, or back to nature in a woods.

In launching a visual treatment on their latest in the preceding line-up of harmoniously pop symphonic single cuts which serve to actively lead into the Communion album release. The trio head back out into a scenario which places them bathed under a supernatural glow of otherworldy Close Encounters Of The Third kind ambience as Olly, Mikey and Emre each in turn become taken under by the pulling forces of paranormal activity.

I don’t quite know what it is out there amongst them, but I quite imagine it’s the same enigmatic entity that sees to it to help itself in mysteriously raiding the contents to disappear from my fridge and leave a trail of empty packets behind in its wake after it has visited also.

The truth as they say in these matters, is OUT THERE!