Andy Nicolas 1

You know a lot of the new music picks I feature here on EQ Music have been sent in to me, but every now and again when time affords and the hankering lurks within me to extend on a new pop discovery spree of my own, the rewards can feel much more gratifying.

If you like, you could say that I’ve been spurred into action by the result of Eurovision euphoria and that it got me back into the mind-set of putting the feelers out into euro-pop land to check up on what’s hot and happening outside of the much talked about and revered hit making factory of Sweden.

As has since come to light, Greece is actually more with the pop savviness than I had previously imagined and taking charge of one of their prominently featured summer hits right now is emerging artist Andreas Koutsonikolas, who in readiness for his vastly appealing pop making has already seen to it to euro-fy his birth name to that of a shiny new stage name Andy Nicolas.

In coming to our attention, Andy has already collaborated with some of Greece’s most respected artists, as well as going forward into the Greek reality show circuits of “ X Factor” and “Greece Got Talent”.

So yes, a good grounding in pop has been earned and I think this is really showing itself as coming to the fore in the release of Andy’s own single “Señorita”.

I’m really feeling the summer sizzling electro-pop vibes on this track anyways and maybe if Greece had been represented by Andy at Eurovision I might possibly have paid more attention to what their entry actually was.

As it is, I’m of the opinion that “Señorita” by Andy Nicolas is worthily entitled enough at least to be on the receiving end of an EQ Music shout out.