2Boys 4

Lock into the pop of Norwegian blondies Sondre and Marcus Bringaker.

Yes they are brothers, yes they are practically pop babies at 13 and 16 years of age but irrespective of that and my being dazzled by their blinding Colgate smiles, whenever I push play on their new pop ditty “Scandinavian Girls” I cannot stop myself from fleeting out a little happy dance.

Hell yes I am struck down by the pair’s likeability factor, over the veneer of what might be considered by most as fromage, for Sondre and Marcus have the Norwegian teen hearts a flutter with this Scandipop dance bopper.

For once, I’m even restraining my mummy gene from its usual thoughts on the young set coming on strongly with inappropriate age suited content and lyrics. So they consider Scandinavian Girls to be HOT, in the manner played out here I can’t see the brothers Bringaker as anything but wholesome …… for now.

Everyone has to start from somewhere don’t they? and this is an ear worthy effort. What I am interested in going forward though, is what it going to happen from naming themselves 2Boys when they grow, there is a shelf life with a name choice like this.