Toro y Moi is most known for his chillwave sound, but the multi-talented singer/songwriter can also produce a killer synthpop tune as you will see in his new album “Anything in Return.” The album set to drop this Tuesday will combine the producer’s signature mellow sound with a few neo-disco tracks in-between. Recently Toro y Moi released a beautifully arranged up-tempo dance track and music video for his new single, “Say That.” The low budget video is the opposite of his hip-hop influenced lead single, “So Many Details.”

As you listen to “Anything in Return” you will notice that none of the songs sound the same. It is clear that Toro y Moi has a long list of influences which has provided him with the ability to carve a unique sound in each track. Just when you think you have tuned into your average hipster record the tone changes. As the album continues you become less intrigued by the vocals and obsessed with wondering what the next beat will do. “Anything in Return” proves that a good artist never sticks to the same safe method. Critics will have a hard time placing Toro y Moi in a box and DJs will enjoy remixing the electropop album.

Recently the singer collaborated with LA producer Nosaj Thing in the song “Try.” Coincidentally the two producers will release their new albums on the same day.

Anything In Return - Toro y Moi