Christina Aguilera may be plagued by her past diva antics, in all honesty they are the reason her last two albums have suffered on the charts, but it does not take away from her strength as a vocalist and performer. After a string of collaborations, “Feel This Moment”, “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti”, etc., the Bionic crooner has teamed up with musical duo A Great Big World for a beautiful duet entitled “Say Something“.

While the track was released as a solo version in September, it quickly caught the eye of Aguilera who re-recorded the touching ballad with the talented duo. Following a critically-acclaimed performance on The Voice, the new single topped Billboard’s Digital Songs and easily became a top twenty hit. This is the type of song which should be ruling the airwaves.

Aguilera is known for her overpowering, glass-shattering vocals, but here she plays a more subtle and reserved companion to A Great Big World, truly giving them their moment to shine. “Say something, I’m giving up on you,” the artists sing as the piano-driven track develops into a heart wrenching song of love and loss. The song itself is an emotional roller coaster, however, the recently released music video will definitely cause tears to shed. Get your tissues ready!

Simplicity seems to be most effective. Focusing mainly on the artists belting out the lyrics around a piano, scenes of a dysfunctional couple, a frightened child and a man who says goodbye to his beloved wife, create a tear-jerking, heartfelt vibe which never overwhelms the somber message of the single. The finished product is the perfect, touching companion to “Say Something“, emphasizing the importance of the actual performance and just how good Aguilera looks in front of the camera.

A Great Big World already had a hit with the solo version of “Say Something“, but including the vocals of Aguilera was a smart move that will only give the beautiful song the recognition it truly deserved! This is a real pop ballad.