Gorgon City

And so, production duo Gorgon City are back to it after spawning success off of their debut album “Sirens” last year and sounding as club fresh bouncy as ever!

Matt and Kye serve up their famed bassline heavy, garage house structure with rising talent Sam Romans onside as collaborator.

If this introduction to the new material and sophomore album is indicative of anything to by, Gorgon City don’t appear to have strayed so far afield in taking action to diversify their sound at all.

As “Saving My Life” impacts, it more predominantly springs to mind that Gorgon City’s thinking in going forward, is to build upon their already well received house-influenced presence than seeking to expand upon it. As it so seemingly appears to be the chosen direction from fellow electronic dance duo Disclosure in the run of promotion for their sophomore album “Caracal”.

In sticking to the formula Gorgon City push forward from the dancefloor to crowd transferable arena’s with ease. That Romans is on board also, should rather be considered as a plus for both parties, being in this instance that the vocals are particularly powerhouse impressive.

In closing out the summer, Gorgon City are seeing to it that it goes out to the tune of a big house-flavoured banger. Nuff said!

The video served on this showcases the duo whipping up their appreciative audiences into a much deserved frenzy with their powerful beats whilst touring this summer.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t done so already you really should check out Raj’s account of Gorgon City’s SXSW showcase earlier this year.