In terms of weather, this weekend turned out to be a scorcher. In terms of new music, it has turned out to be a productive time to release singles. Although, with the few odd exceptions, this New Music Friday didn’t particularly impress me much. Instead, I spent most of my weekend enjoying the benefits of the great outdoors until my arms, legs and knees started to turn a very rosy shade of pink. And I then thought what was left of the weekend would be better spent out of the blazing sun. Where it would be a wiser choice to go inside to the coolness of the dining room and gather my thoughts about the beautiful song “Safe” the latest release from French-English singer Nuuxs.

Nuuxs is an intriguing lady who has been recording alternative pop tracks for a while. She hasn’t seemed to have arrived at a signature style as yet, preferring to evolve, chop and change with each new release. Which I highly suspect explains her choice to publish mixtape collections (a medium which is more suggestive of expressing artistic freedom) over the rigid, formulaic structure which more often than not covers the format of EP’s. In saying this, you should expect that “Safe” which is lifted off her upcoming “Red Tape Vol. 2 mixtape“) is not like any of her other releases. As far as I can make out by quickly, binging the contents of her Spotify profile, it is not.

I’ve really taken a shine to this song because it is soothing, mid-tempo and gently melodic. Because, while everyone else right now will be launching rousing anthems, pop bangers at us left, right and centre. “Safe” is nothing of the like. Instead, it is a cute, dreamily melodic track and enjoyably easy listening for a Sunday afternoon.

Safe” is about not wanting to feel safe in a relationship,” NUUXS explains. “It’s often the case when you get into a routine and happens to everyone after a while. This is a challenge to hit refresh and shows if there’s a genuine connection, and love, then it’s worth talking about and being honest in order to move forward.”

Some considerable thought has gone into the making of the “Safe” music video. The storytelling is exquisite. It feels like a kind of vignette, which is the start of something much bigger. Because of thoughtful songwriting “Safe” by Nuuxs is a track that will stick in your head for more reasons than just soothing, dreamy pop.

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