Having discovered the Waylayers previously through a glimpse of their electro-tinged stadium commanding indie pop track “Magnets” last year, I can tell you that I’ve simply wanted to hear much more from this Dalston based band.

Hey presto the trio are now back and into the throes of promoting forthcoming EP “Fault Lines”.

Leading with their signature atmospheric pop sound on lead track “S.O.S” which again intoxicates with an exultant high of otherworldly placement – rather as if we’d imagine U2 have been ushered into an elevator piping out euphoric disco muzak.

Word is, that former pop tease “Magnets” will also be included as a bonus upon this EP release, so it’s all going to be jolly indie-poptastic around these parts when the might of this eventually drops it’s klonk in my itunes playlist.