by Raj Rudolph

There has been a lot of talk on Twitter lately that male pop stars today don't dance (cough *thewantedonedirection* and well, I agree with that statement wholeheartedly. In answer to this horrible state of affairs, may I present the remedy to this affliction. His name is Ryan Adames and he's the next big pop sensation in the making and we at EQHQ just can't get enough.

Ryan performed at Krave nightclub in Las Vegas this past weekend (a fave stop of the EQ Music Tour) and he blew the crowd away with his razor sharp performance and his hot new original tracks in way of "Monster" and "Bang"

Obsession brewing – uh huh, indeed, no doubt about it.  We are watching this kid with a magnifying glass and so should you.  It's refreshing that someone like Ryan Adames is on the scene, is relevant and isn't afraid to dance, sing and do his thing – unlike a lot of male pop stars on the charts these days…