Evermore so, I am endeavouring to be increasingly mindful of emerging singer-songwriters. In particular, pop artists who value the art of storytelling equally lyrically and in the visual sense. Since, the LA raised GRAMMY®-nominated singer-songwriter, Gracie Abrams just released “Risk” the lead single lifted from the upcoming sophomore album “The Secret Of Us.” I was keen to check out the acclaimed youngsters’ newest offering. And sometimes I believe it is cool to broaden my horizons a bit, listening to music styles that I might not indulge in so readily. From skimming through the press release, Gracie seemed like a safe bet, having received a Best New Artist GRAMMY® nomination.

Truthfully, I didn’t realise the effect “Risk” was having on me until deep into the weekend when I had swept through the entirety of this week’s submissions. Something about the song kept drawing me back for another listen. That’s when I knew I needed to dive into the essence of the lyricism and embrace the acoustic-pop vibes for once. 

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In the song, it impressed me Gracie is writing about craving a relationship into life. Instead of the usual tackling the aftermath or the demise of the relationship. It is interesting to hear her share the whirring thoughts that evolve into full-blown infatuation about a potential love interest. What starts out as a passing interest, rapidly develops into feelings. Even Gracie is surprised when she realises how invested she has become in this person. Especially so when they do not have an inkling about Gracie’s crush on them. 

The music video directed by Audrey Hobart is an accurate depiction of someone who is lovelorn. Yet, determined to manifest a relationship with their crush and ultimately become tangled up in their feelings.

The song in particular is for whoever prefers authentic pop, less shouty than Olivia Rodrigo, and not so brooding as Billie Eilish. Gracie Abrams bears similarities to Lorde and she is not a bad inspiration to have to be honest.

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